A new play written & directed by Will Jarvis
Halfway through a pub crawl on her 25th birthday, Maya and her friends stumble across a pub they've never seen before. What follows is a bizarre and heartfelt journey back through London's history as Maya realises she's inside a time travelling pub...

The Clockwork Arms travels through five separate time periods as the pub's inhabitants are exposed to their dark past and uncertain future to determine what to do in their time.

Produced by Laura Aiton, Adam Porrett & Will Jarvis
Maya - Hana Jarrah
The Bartender - Joel Coussins
Wendy - Maisie Amelia Preston
Johnathon - Jonny Danciger
Dr. Badcock - Vas Passaris
Marcellus - Harrison Forbes
Technical Manager - Seb Clarkson
Marketing Design - Harry Neil
Videographer - Callum Hale-Thompson
Photographer - Dan Cuniffe
Composer - Zygmund de Somogyi
Sound Design - Jonny Danciger

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