"Culture can be defined as a stupid amount of different things whether it be art, philosophy, manifestations of the human intellectual achievement, depressing reflections of society, reassuring reflections of society, television, film, theatre, music, video games, funny things I find on reddit, and everything in between! 
I’m treating this blog as a space to organise my thoughts and reflections on all these things and more in a vain attempt to understand and connect all the dots my brain tries to make when considering cultural encounters."

Please select any of the links below to be taken to Cultural Encounters.
Julius Caesar’s Mosh Pit and contemporary political discourse

Julius Caesar’s Mosh Pit and Contemporary Political Discourse

Shakespeare with Inmates at Pentonville Prison

A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and the Problem with Authenticity

The 11 stages of starting a blog, by some guy that’s never written a blog

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